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Affordable Vanities for Your ROI

Bored with dealing with vanity suppliers who have ridiculous prices for average looking products. A majority of the vanities you get from these suppliers also lack the market appeal that helps you bring in your target audience.

To remove your hassle, Luxdream can help you drive your profit margins through our prices, quality vanities, and professional services.

We Know Your Needs

Considerate of Your Budgets

Wholesale Price Advantage

Having worked in the industry for years, LUXDREAM knows your needs and so we offer huge discount prices to reduce your burdens. Now, you can cut costs to help you increase your profits and cement brand loyalty with affordable and high quality bathroom vanities.

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Supporting Your Needs At Every Turn

Cost-Effective Solutions From Our Professional Team

Our team readily assists you with your technical and product concerns, from design to delivery. With our complete service, wholesalers can save on time and money while receiving direct advice to help operate their business.

Guaranteed To Your Satisfaction

Strict and Consistent Quality Control

Before we ship out bathroom vanities and LED Mirrors, our quality control team conducts strict and full inspections of our bathroom vanities to guarantee their performance. Through our tests, we make sure that our materials and products are free from defects and are certified to fit with export requirements.

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Trusted supplier of high-class vanities

A Variety of Selection

LUXDREAM is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of vanities. You can find floor standing bathroom vanities, floating bathroom vanities, single sink vanities, and double sink vanities. The rich selection we have under one roof lets you build a unique selection of vanity that caters to various market preferences.

No inventory pressure

Approachable MOQ

Helping our clients achieve their goals with minor friction is possible through our MOQ policy of 10 minimum vanities and the selection of vanities and mirrors with a 20’ container. The approachable MOQ policy allows you to purchase a large selection of our vanities directly from our distribution warehouse or manufacturing plant with a low investment.

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Short-lead time on peak periods.

Steady Supply of Vanities

Through our 5,000-㎡ spaced warehouse that contains most of our finished vanity, we can complete bulk orders with a short lead-time during peak periods. The speed of our delivery can help you tap into rising demands in your target market and save storage space.

We Don't Just Supply Vanities.
We Build What You Need.

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