LUXDREAM's Milestones

2012 - 2013

The LUXDREAM team was established by individuals with years of experience in the cabinetry industry, pouring their time and finances to begin their venture. The following year, the company’s first bathroom vanity factory was set up, along with starting their quality control system and the company purpose of “less but better.”

Targeting North America as the main market, the company joined the e-commerce platform Alibaba and focused solely on R&D for bathroom vanity products. Gradually, through the guidance of our North American market study, our professional design team successfully created marketable bathroom vanity fixtures that gained approval and satisfied feedback from our clients.

2014 - 2015

2016 - 2018

With the growing number of clients, we expanded our production facility to accommodate the increasing demand. Continuous improvement in quality control and material procurement helps ensure our bathroom vanities and LED Mirrors to match the demands of our clients. LUXDREAM products started seeing great response on both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce stores in North America.

In the wake of the anti-dumping policy of the US, we focused on alternative high-end markets such as Canada, Germany, UK, and Australia in 2019. LUXDREAM have also expanded our offerings with the new LED mirror production lines.

2019 - Present

World-Class Bathroom Vanity Fixtures Manufacturer

Creating Bespoke Bathroom Vanity Fixtures for 9 Years

LUXDREAM has been in the business of procuring high-quality and competitively-priced custom bathroom vanities and LED Mirrors since the company began in 2012. Establishing our brand through strong production capabilities and reliable performance, we became a leader in the industry and the supplier of choice for Wholesalers & Retailers, Hospitality & Construction Companies in major markets like the US and Canada.

Commitment to Production Excellence

In our effort to push the boundaries in bathroom vanity and LED Mirrors manufacturing, we continuously find new and innovative means to produce world-class products. These include improvement in production techniques, careful material selection, and advancements in our research and development of fresh designs for our clients. We apply our tried-and-tested standards in every project, no matter the volume or product requested.

Building Long-Lasting Partnerships Even After Sale

 At LUXDREAM, our partnership does not end when the sale is closed. Wanting to add value to your brand, our bathroom vanities and LED Mirrors include a three-year warranty period that covers repairs and replacement of parts and whole pieces. Our customer support team is also always on stand-by, ready to accommodate concerns and provide appropriate solutions to inquiries.

Start with Your Idea

All projects start from your concept. From initial consultation with our expert designers, we begin our collaboration by capturing your ideas and see how we can translate them into marketable bathroom vanity fixtures.

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Combining Form and Function

Our designers make sure that your bathroom vanity fixtures not only look good, but also function perfectly as needed. We follow the measurements you provide with precision to guarantee every part fits into place during assembly.

Unlimited Customization Options

With LUXDREAM, your imagination is the only limit when designing bathroom vanity fixtures. All our products are handcrafted by our experienced artisans, using old-world cabinetry modern-day equipment to create styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

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Consistent Quality

Our bathroom vanity fixtures are only as good as their durability, and we maintain consistency in the quality and durability of our products. Strict quality control standards are followed throughout the manufacturing process, conducting multiple tests in every step.

On Time Every Time

Each bathroom vanity fixture that leaves our warehouse is individually packed with several layers of material to secure it during transit, along with a final round of inspection. We work closely with trusted logistics companies to guarantee safe and on-time delivery.

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A Team of High Professionalism and Devotion

Since our inception in 2012, the team behind LUXDREAM has maintained its dedication to provide professional and tailor-made solutions to clients. Over the years, our team has only grown, acquiring more talent and expanding our expertise to cover more markets.

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