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Whether in person or online, we can help you with any design concerns as you provide specific measurements to get wider options. If you have a layout or plans to share, you can forward the details to us and we can provide advice and a preliminary sketch for a smoother, faster production.

  • Cabinet Material
  • Countertop color
  • CCT of LED strip
  • Cabinet Color
  • Mirrors Material
  • Function
  • Countertop Material
  • Mirrors Shape
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Your Vision in Our Hands

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Insightful Professional Design Team

Our professional in-house design team has a grasp of numerous vanity unit designs and can match bathrooms and other settings with the right bathroom accessories. As our experts listen to your concerns and ideas, we translate your vision into practical concepts to construct our market-leading designs.

Producing Intuitive Market-Leading Designs

Every month, we provide new designs following the latest fashion trends. Utilizing our advanced workshop and productive staff, we make your vision possible to deliver well-designed and avant-garde bathroom vanities that appeal to market demand.

See How We realize Your Amazing Ideas that impact Your Target Market

Draft & Finished Products Gallery

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Refining Your Ideas

OEM Vanity Options

When you already have a design in mind, we transform your ideas into functional vanities that serve your customers’ needs. Through control over the whole production process from ordering and production to warehouse management, we create custom vanities in single or bulk pieces at a low cost.

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choose different colors for bathroom vanities

Enriching What Your Brand Offers

ODM Vanity Customization

Whether you are a start-up or a veteran of the industry, our talented and creative web design team will work alongside you. From research and development to 3D design, we improve every aspect of vanity design to make our vanities suited specifically for your brand and its vision.

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