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Comprehensive Marketing Support

Finding difficulty acquiring customers from new markets? Luxdream can assist you with our value-added services, from free designs and professional photography to free logo printing. Studying the latest fashion trends, we identify what your customers are in dire need of and present your brand as the solution with our targeted marketing campaigns.

Capturing Market Appeal

Regular Design Updates

Every month, we provide free new designs for various customers to select from based on the latest market trends. With thorough research and advanced design work, we continually innovate our designs to make our vanities suited to more markets and reduce potential defects.

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Make A Great First Impression for Your Clients

Add A Layer of Appeal & Trust with Every Shoot

Nothing makes a better first impression to your audience than clear and crisp images of the products you are offering them. High-resolution photos give consumers a better view of your product offerings, allowing for definite sales for your brand.

LUXDREAM provides free high-definition pictures to help with your product promotion. Our professional photographer takes high-resolution images and videos of our products, which are sent directly to your inbox for stronger marketing opportunities. 

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Giving Your Vanities An Identity

Fashionable Nameplate Design

To embellish your selection of vanities and countertops, we provide custom nameplate designs that express brand quality. We also beautify your vanities with our fashionable atlas design to make them stand out from the competition.

Displaying Your Brand Identity

Free Logo Customization

Gain greater recognition from unfamiliar audiences through our free logo printing service that assist in generating more leads and much familiarity to your product line. We design personalized logos that express your brand’s message and extend your brand’s influence to wider markets.

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