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Tired of working with vanity manufacturers that offer you “one-size-fit-all” vanity sizes that comes in bulky packages and are not compatible with your projects? Besides, these suppliers also do not commit to their promised delivery time.

Unlike our competitors, Luxdream makes your experience of finding a tailor-made solution for all your projects smooth through our world-class services.

We Know Your Needs

Made with Accuracy

Custom Size Options

As builders and decoration companies need to customize vanity sizes, we provide specific dimensions applicable to a number of bathroom designs. In achieving your specifications, we craft and assemble our vanities based on a precise size, leaving no room for error.

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Punctual and Hassle-Free

No Delays on Deliveries

With thorough logistics and access to quick transportation, we can follow a consistent lead time to ensure that you are readily supplied with bathroom fixtures. This way, your projects can be completed in time and can serve more customers to increase your profit margins.

Meeting the Market’s Tastes Every Time

Updated Contemporary Designs

LUXDREAM is your one stop shop for high performance bathroom cabinets and countertops designed in popular styles to match current market trends. As we provide in-demand bathroom fixtures and vanities regularly, you can quickly deliver major renovations to satisfy your target market.

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Cost Control For Your Convenience

Budget-Friendly Packaging Solutions

With our affordable packaging and delivery options, we provide what you need based on your budget and preferences. For clients with high-level requirements, we also provide honey comb carton and wooden box for your choice.

Reduce your maintenance costs

Reliable Vanity Quality

Commercial clients require consistency on their vanity due to their discerning customers and brand reputation. LUXDREAM ensures all of your orders are in excellent condition through our strict QC process. All vanities are covered by our 3-year warranty to ensure their expected longevity and durability.

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Suitable for your interior design specifications

High-Grade Materials

LUXDREAM countertops are made with natural quartz, marble, and sintered stone. The quality has superior durability and longevity. With the low maintenance aspect of our vanities, we cut your maintenance costs down and drive your ROI.

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