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Tip-Out Drawer

Smart and convenient, most LUXDREAM bathroom vanity fixtures include a “tip-out” drawer perfect for storing small items like jewelry and accessories.  Made from the same high-quality materials we use for our products, these drawers keep items secured and are easy to remove for cleaning.

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Delicate Hardware Fitting & Handles

Understanding that our bathroom vanity products are only as good as the hardware we use, we make sure to get the best parts for a better user experience. We practice sourcing important hardware fitting and handle parts from premiere suppliers at home and abroad.

Dovetail Timber Drawer

Combining form and function, our timber drawers feature an English dovetail structure to make the construction more durable and beautiful. The intricate design work secures the drawers in place, allowing it to hold large volumes of content without strain or damage.

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Hidden Drawer

Making sure we maximize every space available for storage is important in construction our bathroom vanity fixtures. Taking this into account, we place hidden drawers on specific locations on the fixtures, allowing for clean and hassle-free storage.

Leg Levelers

In a perfect world, everything is leveled. In the real world though, nearly every floor has an angle. For homeowners, having their vanity be leveled is a major challenge after having the furniture painted and processed. Fortunately, we have the next best thing from a perfect world with adjustable leg levelers. These legs can adjust the angle of any vanities to make them leveled.

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Furniture-Grade Finish

The unique finishing processes we use on our bathroom furniture result in a long-lasting finish that is highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, and mildew. Our products have a silky smooth matte finish (except for our wall mount vanities). High gloss finishes are avoided since they can give off an undesirable gloss look that reflects too much light. In spite of the time it takes to paint, such as waiting for the coat of paint to dry before sanding it, our method ensures a long-lasting and rich finish.

Unlike traditional vanities, we do not use Nitrocellulose (NC) lacquer paint, which is vulnerable to changes in temperatures and physical damages. Because of its strong first impression, NC paint has a strong social media presence in social media. In reality, however, they lack in-depth color and appear bland. Through our strong finish process, we give NC-painted furniture a run for its money on any gallery.

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